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Business and Financial fears:

I have had several sessions with Dale Teplitz and consider myself fortunate to work with her.  Dale has an innate ability to identify a problem; she is empathic, supportive, knowledgeable and professional.  Through Dale’s competent guidance I’ve unearthed and gotten a better understanding of issues I’ve been working on.  Dale has allowed full self expression with no judgment.  This acceptance has enabled me to be more compassionate, accepting and loving of myself.  I’m very grateful to work with Dale and look forward to our continuing relationship. –  Margaret B.  Entrepreneur

Actor with performance fear:

Dale tapped with me on self-esteem issues surrounding my chosen profession of acting.  Her intuition was right on the money the whole time.  She could tell exactly where I was emotionally, and she gently guided me to specific past events which we then cleared out swiftly and easily.  I felt safe and supported throughout, and when the call ended, I was deeply relaxed.  Since then, I’ve experienced a dramatic rise in my confidence and motivation, and my creativity is through the roof!

I’ve made my list of bothersome memories as Dale Suggested and I am tapping them down with a lot of success.  I’m feeling a lot better overall already, and when I close my eyes to visualize where I want to end up with acting, there’s almost no resistance at all. That’s huge!

I’ll let you know when you can expect to see my name in lights. :)   -Mitch

Love pain:

The issues we tapped on are gone completely and any feeling of being undeserving of love is completely gone.  Finally!  I feel like I am on the road to doing really well and I am already feeling pretty fantastic.
– Mary


Dear Dale, Tapping on the anxiety has given me significant relief but I think the biggest relief has been letting go of the Fear of not having control of the processes of life. Things happen to everyone. They are called “experiences”. I believe that’s what we came here for…to experience life as humans & grow both physically & spiritually. I can’t hank you enough for being part of my experience & growth. I just feel sooo grateful & wonderful!  God bless you & continue with the great work that you do. There are many more of “Me’s” out there that need you. Sending you love, – Deb M.

Teen Emotional Issues:

Dear Dale, Our teenage son, who has been stuck in a serious rut, is doing significantly better after just one EFT session with you. What joy it is to witness him being enthusiastic about life again!   What a precious gift!

I’m absolutely delighted that I learned about EFT. After seeing how it has helped my son, and using EFT to resolve my own limiting thoughts, aches and pains, I’m spreading the word like crazy. It is awesome! There is not a person on this earth who could not benefit from this truly profound tool. – Gail M.

Physical symptoms

Hi Dale- Thank you for your excellent teaching of EFT.  I have noticed a reduction in my symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy since our first session, and I am encouraged to keep doing EFT.  I’m very touched by your generosity and desire to reach out a helping hand to not only assist in my healing, but perhaps be a guide onto a new path.  Thank you – I truly appreciate you. – Cindy L

Fear of Public Speaking

I can’t believe how much that one EFT session helped to relieve my fears.  The Two training sessions I conducted the next morning went Fantastic! I have gotten great feedback and my boss has had people write to her and tell her how great I did.

It was very helpful that you got me out of worrying about a # for an audience size…turns out one group was 40 people. So, it was good you got me over the thinking that I could only present to 20 or less.

I will be speaking again today so it is very lucky I had you and EFT to prepare.

Thanks for all your help and the work we did together! Priceless. – Virginia, Business  Executive

Medical Fears

I was recently told I had a life threatening heart issue.  I was scared of the issue of the heart problem itself, all the tests that needed to be conducted and I was uncomfortable with needles and the IV going into my body.

I called Dale Teplitz and she came to my aid.  She diligently and professionally used her EFT techniques to deal with my fear of the needles, the IV, and the tests and the health issue.  She used her EFT and I was able to face my problems more objectively.  I walked away greatly relieved of my fears.  I truly thank and appreciate Dale Teplitz for her sensitivity and the way she diligently helped me to relieve my fears and emotions.

Dale is an “angel” in helping people release their fears. –Jim M.  Entrapreneur

September 11th Rescue Worker Recovers from Stress

I called Gary Craig and  I told him that I had issues with claustrophobia, panic attacks and anticipatory anxiety ever since I was a rescue worker at a September 11th terrorist plane crash site.  It was beginning to impact my work.  He recommended I contact Dale Teplitz, who had worked with him in helping veterans work though a variety of  trauma related issues.

Previous to this I had done some “tapping” with three different EFT specialists.  I wasn’t making any progress.I contacted Dale and there was this gentle compassionate voice on the other line.  It didn’t take long and I was becoming cautiously optimistic that maybe talking to Dale could get me through the roadblock that I was having.  On three occasions we spoke, she listened and we tapped.  Between sessions I kept tapping and listened to the “Borrowing Benefits” CD’s.  All of a sudden I began feeling different.  I was less anxious, a little more comfortable on elevators and places that would otherwise bring me to panic attacks.

One evening when I finished tapping I felt a certain calmness come over me.  I departed on a four day vacation and I didn’t need medication when going into cramped buildings, museums and other places that I normally would have been petrified of.

It was the tapping and Dales guidance that has brought me to this point.  Dale has given a large part of my “calmness and life” back to me.  She will always have a special place in my heart.  – 911 Rescue Worker

Life long emotional pain released

Dale: I cannot tell you how validated and free I feel after the EFT session. It is incredible that when you explained that it may only take 1-2 sessions for me to reap the rewards, you were absolutely being truthful. Your credibility is evident and the methods employed in EFT are miraculously effective. Read more:

EFT Released the Seizure Feeling

I have had epilepsy for the past 20 years.  When they came on at the age of 18 I was devastated and did not know what I was going to do with my life.  I have been searching down many paths to find answers.  Well, I have finally come to a conclusion and that is EFT can help people with clearing their seizure activity.



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Dale is featured in the award winning documentary on EFT for war trauma.

In March 2008, eleven military veterans or family members, all with PTSD, participated in a pilot program where each received EFT over a 5-day period. This pilot program is the centerpiece of OPERATION: Emotional Freedom, a full-length documentary. The film has been accepted in the 2022 GI Film Festival in Washington D.C.

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