Life long emotional pain released

The theory and concepts of EFT are so astute and are profoundly effective in dealing with emotional trauma. One realizes that so many of the issues that arise in people’s past are stereotypical and similar. It is phenomenal how EFT is the answer for all.  With such an expert knowledge of all that is related to EFT and people, you have such a wisdom and presence that truly makes it so simple to trust you and your vision of one’s problems. As you bring your expertise to use based on the concepts of EFT and your past experiences, I am blessed to be one of the people you have helped.

I know that my son who works in the field of Psychology has been an avid proponent of EFT and your sessions, but I cannot explain how exponentially more impressive and viable it is when one participates.

After a multitude of years, carrying around the hurt, pain, guilt, anger, resentment and low self-esteem, it was unfathomable how easily you helped me realize the underlying cause. It all seems so simplistic and amazing how so many of the issues seem to be interconnected.

I am so astonished at the freedom with which I can now think about the past. It is no longer intertwined with those negative and disparaging emotional feelings but has become a “story” as you said it would, devoid of the hurt and pain. I feel different; distanced as though I am a character witnessing or telling the story but not the character in the story. I realize I do not need to emulate the personality characteristics of that victim.

The situations still exist, but now when I talk about them, I do not feel the pressure or weight upon me that accompanied the pain. I can breathe easily and feel disconnected. I am free to stand back and visualize the scenarios just as vividly, but I can separate myself from the emotion. I can reflect and see that I am disconnected from the situation and the past. I can be outside of the incident or in most cases many incidences, realize that I was not responsible for the actions of others. I no longer need to feel that I was a victim, but that I was just present when someone was acting out their own issues or as Carl Jung categorized,  one’s shadow. I have been able to release myself from other’s behavior AND to understand that I was not responsible for how others acted. To be emotionally free does not mean that the situation did not exist. But, I realized that I can look at it from a different perspective. The frame (as you say aptly referred) of the experience is different.

My new frame or perception is free from the tortuous and demoralizing emotion that I had wrapped around the memory. What is so amazing is that the EFT Technique is a solid changing method that changes the emotional attachment permanently. No matter how hard I try to reconnect with the old emotions and feelings, it does NOT happen. The recollection is permanently changed emotionally. It was a huge release from a lot of things that helped me take on a proper perspective . It brought up, and cleared so much that I realize I could sever the emotional pain.  I can now detach from some things that were holding my whole life back. (And there is hope to free myself from others!)

I realize that I still want to work on some things, but it is true as you so aptly stated, “When one or two trees fall, the canopy of the forest falls!” I can see clearly and recognize how interconnected all of the pain and hurt was.  I am emotionally free to reflect and change my perceptions of the past and, even more miraculous, perceive and interact with the present and future with this new strength.  I can absorb that which I want and be free to shun that which is not supportive of a budding positive self-concept..

And, one of the things of which I am most appreciative is that I AM not a victim any longer and I do not see myself as a victim. All of the emotions associated with that persona have fallen away. I am free to interact with people without tying up the present interactions with my past myths and deceptions. I can also use EFT as a foundation for dealing with other previous trails and prevent new situations from becoming issues tied to emotional drama and trauma.

I am able to feel the strength of healthier self rather than just envisioning it!


I cannot thank you enough for your devotion, wisdom, love and caring to become a part of my journey in life.

With deepest gratitude,

Shanon Blackburn

P.S. Please feel free to share my testimonial with anyone whom you might choose. Actually, you are as connected to it as I am. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dale.

Follow-up letter from Shannon:

Dale; I guess the flood gates of change, reflection and inspiration are open. I woke up this morning and my thoughts were running rampant. I had to get up and write them down. Then, my son called and we talked about it. He is so excited and had even more observations and praise for the EFT process. He continued with the fact that “Our life is not a file cabinet where memories stay locked in drawers. But rather, memories are kept and when attached to emotion that is destructive, the tapping of EFT releases that energy and allows one to re-balance and create a new “frame” (as you said) for the memory.”

I contemplated further and thought that maybe an appropriate analogy was:

If one had a wound that was cut very deeply and painful, and we do nothing about it, the pain is resilient.

But if we bleed the wound and change the energy to the wound, (EFT Tapping), then the wound can heal.

It becomes cleansed from the toxins and can close and heal…Never to open as a painful wound again.

The scar maybe there for a long time, even forever, but the pain is gone. It becomes just a story about an incident, without one feeling the pain.

That is what tapping feels like.

The wound is found and tapping allows one to focus on the issue and allow the energy to change, the recollection of the wound to take on a new perspective, and then with affirmation, the wound is sealed, forever cleansed. The same pain free relief is apparent…and, subsequently, each time the issue is revisited, one is free from the emotional hurt and pain that was associated with the initial wound.  The wound cannot be opened up with the pain as the whole energy and perspective has been permanently altered. …the emotional energy around the stagnating pain is released and freed, allowing one to disconnect and recreate a perspective of the incident or issue with complete indifference… AND Emotional Freedom is forever!

I have contemplated further…wondering:

Why is this technique so successful when others spend years of traditional therapy and do not reap the rewards that I experienced in ONE session!

I speculate that possibly it is because therapy is an exchanging of words…the issues maintain their negative charge…one is not free to let them go energetically but rather has to continually just talk themselves out of the hurt. It may work for the moment… offering temporary relief…when the victim is in the comfort and security of the therapist, but the emotional energy attached to the wound cannot be altered without the tapping of EFT. Whatever the clinical psychologist might offer, it is the tapping of EFT, the emotional energy isolation, release and change that makes perception change and the charge and pain go away…forever!

Anyway…I will continue to marvel and revel in the reality of it all!

Again, with deepest gratitude…



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Dale is featured in the award winning documentary on EFT for war trauma.

In March 2008, eleven military veterans or family members, all with PTSD, participated in a pilot program where each received EFT over a 5-day period. This pilot program is the centerpiece of OPERATION: Emotional Freedom, a full-length documentary. The film has been accepted in the 2022 GI Film Festival in Washington D.C.

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