Gary Craig, founder of EFT, posted following articles by Dale Paula Teplitz on his website. Since his retirement the articles are now posted and archived on


9/11 Rescue Worker Releases 8 Years of PTSD and Panic in 4 EFT Sessions

Dale Teplitz was able to help this rescue worker overcome profound trauma by careful attention to specific events and the various aspects of those events, just as Gary repeatedly recommended while he was stewarding the growth of EFT. Ten years go, Mark, now 58, was a rescue worker at one of the 9/11 airplane crash sites. From then on, anxiety and panic attacks interfered with every part of his life. He avoided airplanes, elevators, high-rise buildings, basements, and rooms without windows. Read more


5 day migraine fades in ten minutes

Dale Teplitz, MA was about to receive a massage when her massage therapist wanted to cancel the session because of a migraine headache. Dale applied EFT for the migraine and within 10 minutes she was receiving her massage. Read more


No more sciatica for Betty–Getting to a core issue through a metaphor

With the right questions, clients often come up with clever metaphors regarding their issues. These can be VERY helpful as Dale Teplitz shows us in this sciatica case with her client, Betty. In the article, Dale says, “All of us, including Betty, were astonished at the unfolding metaphor. By the look on her face she had no doubt about the connection between the shooting pain to her toe and her father’s death.” Read more

Gayle Waxon learns to stop her own epileptic seizures with EFT

Anyone involved with epileptic seizures, whether they be client or physician, should find this account by Gayle Waxon of extraordinary interest. She spends time time developing her story and sets the stage for her first positive EFT experiences with EFT’er Dale Teplitz. She then discovers a way to stop her seizures in their tracks. No drugs or medical interventions involved. Just EFT.   Read More

EFT halts the severe pain side effects of Interferon treatment in minutes!

Drugs and other medical interventions often bring pain and unwanted side effects with them. I’ve had many reports of EFT bringing welcome relief in these cases and this article by Dale Teplitz is a classic example. Please bring this to the attention of your physicians. Read more

EFT resolves two OCD symptoms in a four-year-old boy.

The techniques used in the two sessions described here by Dale Teplitz combine experience and knowledge of EFT with creativity. They help illustrate the importance of following one’s intuition while improvising spontaneously in order to address underlying disruptions that lead to negative emotions. While a lot can be done with EFT in cases like this, you should also seek qualified professional help. Read More

Multiple Physical Symptoms Resolve by Collapsing Underlying Emotions: A Case Study

This case study by Dale Teplitz exemplifies how effectively EFT can resolve physical symptoms when it is only applied to the underlying emotional issues. Please consult a doctor on all medical issues. Read More.


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Dale is featured in the award winning documentary on EFT for war trauma.

In March 2008, eleven military veterans or family members, all with PTSD, participated in a pilot program where each received EFT over a 5-day period. This pilot program is the centerpiece of OPERATION: Emotional Freedom, a full-length documentary. The film has been accepted in the 2022 GI Film Festival in Washington D.C.

Read about Dale’s experience in the project here.

See the official Operation Emotional Freedom Website here.