EFT Rescues 9/11 Rescue Worker

Rescue Worker Releases 8 Years of PTSD symptoms,

Including Phobias and Panic in 4 EFT Sessions!


Dale Teplitz was able to help this 9/11 rescue worker overcome profound trauma by careful attention to specific events and the various aspects of those events, just as Gary repeatedly recommended while he was stewarding the growth of EFT.


by Dale Paula Teplitz, M.A. EFT Universe Expert and Trainer


Ten years go, Mark, now 58, was a rescue worker at one of the 9/11airplane crash sites. From then on, anxiety and panic attacks interfered with every part of his life. He avoided airplanes, elevators, high-rise buildings, basements, and rooms without windows.


Mark turned away valuable opportunities to do the work he loved. In addition to limiting his social life, family life, and confidence, his anxiety became a financial liability.


Although he hated to rely on medication, Mark resorted to tranquilizers in order to get through difficult situations. In eight years he participated in ten cognitive psychotherapy sessions, some hypnotherapy treatments, and many EFT sessions, none of which improved his panic and anxiety symptoms.


After doing sessions with three EFT specialists with no success, he doubted that EFT could ever help him, but in desperation he contacted Gary Craig, who referred him to me. Mark and I had four phone sessions, described below, and in between he tapped along with Gary’s “Borrowing Benefits” videos.


Session 1 – September 2009


In our first session, I asked Mark what emotions, thoughts, and physical symptoms accompanied his anxiety attacks. To help us get started, I asked for previous examples of the type of panic he now experienced.


Mark described being six years old and locked in a storage shed. We used the Movie Technique to revisit that event and tapped for each specific aspect or detail he could identify, such as, “Even though it was dark in there and I thought I would never get out,” until all of the memory’s emotional intensity disappeared.


We used the same approach for the time he was eight years old and felt trapped in the deep end of a swimming pool. He tapped for “Even though I’m gonna die…” and many other aspects.


After clearing both childhood events, I asked Mark whether he felt it was safe to tell me about the events of September 11, 2001. He said he had told the story so many times to so many professionals that it didn’t seem to have an emotional charge any more, so we proceeded.


After he described his time at the crash site in a detached manner, including some tragic and gruesome details, I asked him to choose any moment of emotional intensity, or crescendo, that stood out in his mind.


He described two events that lasted only a few seconds each when they occurred. The first was the look in the eyes of a fellow rescuer that touched him deeply, and the second was when he saw the dismembered body part of a young child who died in the crash. Once he focused in on those specific events, his emotional intensity began to surface.


We applied EFT and quickly resolved the “look in the eye” movie, neutralizing that event and all of its aspects. Then we spent more than an hour tapping for each part of the second event, including its sights, sounds, smells, emotions, and bodily sensations. Even though the actual event lasted only a few seconds, it contained numerous aspects, and we left no stone unturned as we tapped on all of them.


Session 2 – November, 2009


Mark reported that after our first session he walked down a long windowless hallway in a large building. Though this would have triggered panic in the past, this time it did not!


We re-tested our previous work and found that the intensity surrounding all of those events remained clear.


Next we dealt with Mark’s memory of feeling trapped while working in the basement of a huge building the year before, addressing such aspects as his pounding heart and his “got to get out of there” panic.


Since Mark was concerned about an upcoming business trip that would involve using an elevator in a large building, we revisited an event from 12 years before in which he had been trapped in an elevator. Tapping on all of its aspects neutralized that memory’s emotional charge.


Session 3 – November, 2009


Mark was exuberant when he reported that he had gone to a crowded social function in a large building and instead of feeling his usual anxiety, he found that over 70 percent of his fearful thoughts had disappeared.


However, when he attended a baseball game with 80,000 other fans the week before, it triggered intense fear about becoming trapped in the crowd. We tapped on all of his physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts such as, “I couldn’t get out if I had to.“


When Mark expressed fears about flying on an upcoming business trip, I asked him to remember a specific event that had given him similar feelings. He recalled being on a crowded bus 10 years before and how helpless he felt at not being able to control what was happening. We tapped for every aspect he could recall from the bus incident.


Session 4 – December, 2009


Exciting news! On his business trip, Mark rode an elevator to the 17th floor with no fear or discomfort. Re-testing indicated that all of the events we tapped for in previous sessions remained cleared.


Mark remembered how anticipatory anxiety dominated his childhood. When his mother came to his school once a week to sell milk tickets, he was terrified that his teachers would tell her he had done something wrong and she would punish him. We used EFT to address all of the aspects in those memories, including the emotions and physical sensations he experienced while remembering them.


Follow-up Discussion – January, 2010


Although we had scheduled another appointment, Mark couldn’t find anything to work on. During the six weeks since our last session, he had taught a class in a basement, flown without anxiety, and so much more. He called it a major breakthrough in his life!


As Mark described to Gary Craig in a thank-you letter:


“One evening when I finished tapping, I felt a certain calmness come over me. I departed on a four-day vacation and didn’t need medication when going into cramped buildings, museums, crowded busses, elevators, and other places that I normally would have been petrified of.


I was touring the Kennedy Space Center and going into buildings that I never dreamed I would ever go in again. I went into a flight simulator for seven minutes and was locked in. No problem. The average person reading this would think, “So what?” Only you and others who experienced what I’ve experienced through EFT really know how it can get your life back again. From the bottom of my heart, a sincere thank you.”


I asked Mark why he felt our work was successful when sessions with previous practitioners were not. He said that none of the other practitioners applied EFT to the many aspects of specific memories and events the way we did. I agree with Mark and believe that the approach we used, based on Gary Craig’s original model of EFT, made all the difference.


As Gary describes in his online tutorials, aspects can be pieces of an event, such as individual sights, sounds, smells, tastes, or physical sensations, or they can be emotions. This is why his Tell the Story Technique, Movie Technique, and Tearless Trauma Technique all depend on the search for aspects. The person telling the story comes to a new sentence, new description, or new detail, and the experienced EFT practitioner asks, “How do you feel about that now?” in order to tap away any anger, frustration, despair, guilt, sorrow, disappointment, or other emotion before moving on. It’s important to neutralize the emotional charge and the physical sensations that every detail, however small, might generate.


It’s only natural to feel impatient with the slow, careful pace of this two-steps-forward, one-step-back approach, in part because it requires close attention to detail and because it seems so time-consuming. But as Gary demonstrated time and again, choosing a very specific event, and then breaking that event into its many tiny pieces and clearing all of them is the most elegant, comprehensive, and effective approach to EFT. In the long run, it’s also the fastest. Once these aspects and the whole traumatic story are cleared, the emotional charge they once generated is not likely to ever come back. If it does, it is not an indication of failure or slipping backward, but simply that more detective work is required to locate aspects that have not yet been addressed.


Who knows where Mark would be now if we did not get so specific in our work with the traumatic events in his life? In his case doing EFT effectively provided a huge payoff in very few hours. It has been over 18 months since our work together and he stays in touch regularly to let me know how great his life is!


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