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I just wanted to express immense gratitude for the amazing work you do. It feels like I walk through the world in a different way…like I had been wearing a 40lb weighted vest that has been lifted…the lightness, greater relaxation, openness and joy are incredible… my heart feels like it is bursting open..JB, Psychologist, San Diego, CA See more comments

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT Tapping is like emotional acupressure. Using tapping to stimulate acupuncture meridians we can “short-circuit” emotional blocks, restoring the mind-body balance that supports the body in healing itself.  It works on a variety of stress related, physical and performance issues.

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Need to get unstuck? If not now, When?

Need to get unstuck? If not now, When?

How to clear the path for a fuller more passion filled life!

Boy, has this been an interesting time for many of us! Life zooms by and we ask ourselves why we have been stuck in some negative patterns for so long. As I entered into my 6th decade a few months ago (Oh my gosh, how did that happen already!) I notice all of the ‘should-ing’ that I, (and we), do to ourselves. We ask ‘what should I have become, done or had by this point in my life?’ Whether you are in your 30’s, 40’s or beyond, self judgment makes us feel worse and it misses the mark!

I had a wonderfully wise older woman in my life who told me that growth and personal evolution happen when we ‘suit up and show up’. That means moving through life one step at a time and letting it unfold. The problem is how do we really ‘show up’ for ourselves when we are living in fear, regret or resentment?

She also taught me that ‘awareness is 90% of the cure’. But, how do we become aware of the limiting beliefs and negative emotions preventing us from showing up and finding our direction if they are stashed away among the rubble of our past?

Our life purpose isn’t what we ‘Do’, it’s who we are and what we bring to it. And, that can take some time to evolve. However, I am convinced that we can speed up the process of moving into personal fulfillment, purpose and passion by clearing past pain and fear using Emotional Freedom Techniques!

For many of us, we stay stuck until the pain of staying stuck becomes greater than the fear of moving forward. This is true whether we are in the wrong job, home, relationship, etc.

I know that is what happened in my life when I was chronically ill for many years. Like so many others, I was afraid to let go of the security of the known, even if it almost killed me. I wish I had known about EFT back then, but it took a decade of suffering from severe pain, illness and unhappiness before EFT came into my life, and in almost an instant, EFT cleared away the painful past so I no longer needed the pain in order to hear my soul.

When we do not live in congruence with our soul’s desire, (you know who you are out there) physical and emotional pain or illness will show up to guide us there. Ouch!

I have an EFT client who is in her 60’s.  Like many people, she has not been able to identify what she wants to be ‘when she grows up’. That place of stuck-ness became unbearably painful for her, which was the impetus for her seeking out EFT.  As our first EFT session unfolded we both came to the realization that she was so busy protecting herself from what was in the rearview mirror of her life, there had been no way to focus on the future. Like many of us, she had enough disappointment and pain in her younger years (things like a painful childhood, divorce, losses) that she now resides in cocoon of fear that prevents her from not only leaping into her purpose, but from even seeing what it is!

The key to getting un-stuck is not having a magical knowing of how to find purpose, health and happiness, but in knowing how to collapse the ‘emotional stuff’ that resides on top of it so that clarity can arise. I know of nothing else that is as fast, simple and painless as EFT for doing that.

Over 20 years ago during that time when I was stuck in a life of physical and emotional pain, one of my Audiology clients was an elderly Jewish Rabbi. In an effort to help relive my suffering he quoted Hillel the Elder, a spiritual leader around 50 BC, who said: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And when I am for myself, what am ‘I’? And if not now, when?

Life is short and this is not a dress rehearsal. We now have a simple technique to identify and erase the blocks that stand between us and our birthright to love ourselves, fulfill our soul and find peace, health and joy.

I invite you to learn to use EFT to release the past and create the life that has been waiting for you! Attend one of our upcoming EFT  workshops to learn to let go of the past and jumpstart your life!

Who knows, you may even fall in love with the fast and effective results of EFT and want to use it on your family and friends or create success in your practice with clients or patients!

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Dale is featured in the award winning documentary on EFT for war trauma.

In 2008, eleven military veterans or family members, all with PTSD, participated in a pilot program where each received EFT for 5 days. This pilot program is the centerpiece of OPERATION: Emotional Freedom, a full-length documentary.

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