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I just wanted to express immense gratitude for the amazing work you do. It feels like I walk through the world in a different way…like I had been wearing a 40lb weighted vest that has been lifted…the lightness, greater relaxation, openness and joy are incredible… my heart feels like it is bursting open..JB, Psychologist, San Diego, CA See more comments

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT Tapping is like emotional acupressure. Using tapping to stimulate acupuncture meridians we can “short-circuit” emotional blocks, restoring the mind-body balance that supports the body in healing itself.  It works on a variety of stress related, physical and performance issues.

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EFT Workshops content


EFT Universe Level 1 and 2 Training Workshop Content

Each training stage, Level 1, 2, and 3, is a two-day class. Each class is based on the list of topics that EFTs founder used as workshop guidelines. These were developed into a curriculum, and refined by a decade of teaching by EFT experts. There are 8 learning modules in each level. As well as step-by-step instruction in all the core concepts of EFT, the classes include exercises to build your skill and confidence. Each level includes practical work with others, with the quantity of work increasing each time, as you become more experienced with EFT. These levels of training may be taken in order to become more fluent with EFT, or to meet the requirements for EFT Certification. Also, see Dale’s Free bonus topics below.

If you’d like to schedule an EFT Level 1, 2, or 3 training in your geographical area, we can set one up for you provided you have a minimum registration of 15 people.

Level 1:

Module 1:

  • History and Development of EFT
  • Stress: How it Affects the Body
  • Building Bridges from Existing Beliefs to EFT
  • The Physiological Mechanisms Underlying Rapid Healing
  • The Science Behind EFT

Module 2:

  • EFTs Full Basic Recipe
  • SUD or Subjective Units of Distress
  • Taking Shortcuts: Short Form of The Basic Recipe
  • Making Adjustments in Subsequent Rounds of EFT
  • Why EFT Doesn’t Focus on the Positive First

Module 3:

  • Measuring Progress
  • Aspects
  • Daisy Chains of Issues
  • The Importance of Being Specific
  • Psychological Reversal & Secondary Gain
  • Cognitive Shifts & Exposure
  • Testing for Completeness
  • How Traumatic Events Imprint on the Brain

Module 4:

  • The Generalization Effect
  • Handling Excessive Intensity
  • Disproportionate Responses to Emotional Stimuli
  • Finding the Words to Use

Module 5:

  • Cognitive Belief Shifts
  • The Role of Insight in Personal Growth
  • Characteristics of Traumatizing EventsHow Trauma is Established in the Brain
  • Testing

Module 6:

  • EFT for Traumatic Memories
  • Taking the Edge Off Excessive Intensity
  • The Movie TechniqueEmotional Crescendos Within Remembered Events

Module 7:

  • EFT for Aches and Pains
  • Working with Physical Symptoms
  • Collaborating with a Physician or Mental Health Professional
  • What To Do When Self-Acceptance Is the Problem


Module 8:

  • What To Do When EFT Doesn’t WorkEFT for Addictive Cravings
  • Aspects of Addictions
  • Borrowing Benefits
  • The Personal Peace Procedure

Level 1 Bonus Topic : Testing Your Body’s Energy System

Level 2:

Module 9:

  • Participant Objectives for Level 2
  • Review of Foundational Concepts

Module 10:

  • Introduction to the Gentle Techniques for Intense Issues
  • Tearless Trauma
  • Chasing the Pain
  • Sneaking Up on the Problem

Module 11:

  • Your Palace of Possibilities
  • Internalized Critics
  • The Writings on Our Walls
  • Cliches
  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Module 12:

  • Tables and Legs
  • Questions for Uncovering Core Issues
  • Testing with Questions and In VivoRe-enacting
  • Core Issues and Physical Symptoms

Module 13:

  • Methods for Delivering EFT
  • Working over the Telephone or Skype

Module 14:

  • Tail Enders and Affirmations
  • Assessing Beliefs with the Validity of Cognition Scale
  • How To Uncover Tappable Issues in Tail Enders

Module 15:

  • EFT in Groups
  • Giving Borrowing Benefits Instructions to a Group
  • Additional Tapping Points

Module 16:

  • Using EFT with Children
  • Age-appropriate Techniques
  • Surrogate Tapping
  • Scope of Practice
  • Informed Consent
  • The EFT Ethics Code
     Level 2 Bonus Topic: Using Intuition To Energize EFT Results


There’s no better way to learn EFT than in one of our workshops.

  • EFT Universe Certified Level 1 & Level 2
  • Integrating EFT Tapping Into Your Holistic Health or Coaching Practice
  • EFT for Creating Success, EFT for Weight Loss, etc.

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Dale is featured in the award winning documentary on EFT for war trauma.

In 2008, eleven military veterans or family members, all with PTSD, participated in a pilot program where each received EFT for 5 days. This pilot program is the centerpiece of OPERATION: Emotional Freedom, a full-length documentary.

 See Operation Emotional Freedom Website here.