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I just wanted to express immense gratitude for the amazing work you do. It feels like I walk through the world in a different way…like I had been wearing a 40lb weighted vest that has been lifted…the lightness, greater relaxation, openness and joy are incredible… my heart feels like it is bursting open..JB, Psychologist, San Diego, CA See more comments

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT Tapping is like emotional acupressure. Using tapping to stimulate acupuncture meridians we can “short-circuit” emotional blocks, restoring the mind-body balance that supports the body in healing itself.  It works on a variety of stress related, physical and performance issues.

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EFT Released the Seizure Feeling

I was all excited because I was finally able to see Gary Craig in person at a seminar.  It was a 3 day seminar and my mother-in law was also with me.  Devi, my mother-in-law has known me for a long time and also live with me for a couple of years so she is very aware of the signs and symptoms of when my seizures are coming on.

That morning when I woke up and we were getting ready to go get a place to sit at the room for the seminar, I had what I call the “seizure feelings” in my stomach.  Devi could tell something was wrong because she knew that I was very excited to be at the seminar and I was acting a little different that morning.  So without hesitation she asked me “Gayle, are you feeling alright?”  I told her that I was having seizure feelings that morning and feeling a little depressed about it, because I did not want this to take over and totally ruin my time at this seminar that I have been really looking forward to for a very long time.  Since Devi was aware of my “seizure feeling” situation, I got the question “how are you feeling Gayle?” about every 30 minutes.  And I really do not mind that because I would rather let people know about the situation than hide it from them.  I learned that after about 5 years of having seizures.

By the time we got down to the room for the seminar, on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the seizure, and 0 being NO seizure feelings at all, I was at the level of a 3 or 4 with my seizure feelings.  The seizure feelings were climbing by the minute.  I started to feel my level of anxiety grow and I was starting to get very nervous.  The feeling was moving its way up to the brain ready to explode.

It was then time for the first break and I was relieved that I made it through the first hour!  But Devi looked at me and could tell that something was not right.  My level of the seizure feelings were now at about a 6 or 7 and I was getting very nervous and not knowing which way to walk, talk, turn, hide or even sit down.  Luckily, Gary announced, within that first hour, that there were some EFT masters there at the seminar and if we needed any help on issues during this seminar, to please feel free ask one of them.

Devi could see the color in my face changing by that time and that is when she immediately decided to take Gary’s advice and ask for help from an EFT xspert.  She very quickly ran to Dale Teplitz and asked her to come and tap on me to see if we could clear this.  As soon as Dale arrived in front of me, I was at the level of 9 and I was just about ready to have the seizure.  Dale sat me down immediately and started that wonderful EFT tapping.  As soon as Dale started the tapping on me, I felt an explosion of emotions just come flooding out of me. Tears galore were coming out of me, and I had no idea were we were going with all this.  I can vaguely remember self confidence and fear feelings came up and I still was not able to talk.  I just cried and cried.

Dale had just done a couple of rounds and the seizure feeling seemed to release a little, like to a level 7.  Then with a couple more rounds and another explosion of feelings and tears started to release again, and then it happened, for the FIRST time in 20 years, that seizure feeling TOTALLY DISSOLVED and RELEASED!!!!!  I could not believe it!  I was trying really hard to find it again in my stomach and no matter what I did, it just was not there!  I felt all clear in the brain and I thought how could this be, I have done tapping with myself during other seizure feelings and this has never happened. I never cried when I did that tapping, but I just could not believe what had just happened to me.

The next morning

During the rest of the seminar, when I remembered, I tried to find that seizure feeling in my stomach and all the nervousness that went with it, but it just was not there.  I still was in the state of trying to believe that this really happened.  By going through this fantastic realization, it has brought all my questions and thoughts about my seizures and EFT to the conclusion that I have been looking for. And that conclusion is, yes, doing EFT can help me significantly and yes, my seizures are probably emotionally based.  Most of all I see myself standing at the Y in the road and that is telling me I now have a choice.  I can choose to go down the path that is labeled seizures or I can choose that path that has no label or sign and I can create anything I want on that new pathway of life.  I am totally excited to take my new path!


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